Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hidden Gems

This week, we'd like to show off some of the accessories we've got kicking around the shop.

We get a lot of people who come through asking where they can get some Original Fake stuff in the city, and we always answer, 'Right here.' These Stussy x Original Fake glasses ($300) came in minimal quantities with maximum style.

From our Deluxe line comes the Diamond belt ($80). As with the rest of Deluxe, the attention to detail is top-notch.

Another Deluxe piece, this backpack ($250) uses unique materials like patent leather for a refined look, while still maintaining the functionality of a classic backpack.

Finally, the Lucid beanie ($30) is exactly what you need now that the weather is getting chilly. Thin enough that you can pop it in your pocket if it warms up a bit, then in the evenings throw it on your head to keep pneumonia at bay.

Well, there you have it. Some great accessories and potential Christmas gifts. Next week we're going to hit you with some stocking stuffers, so keep up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saturday Morning Live

Stussy Toronto is extremely proud to be releasing the UNDFTD/Stussy 'Running Rebels' t-shirt this Saturday, Nov 22nd. This tee is heavily sports-inspired and has some nice subtle detailing on the sleeve. We didn't get tons, so you'd better jump on these guys ASAP.

See you Saturday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know

We have an amazing stock of the Japanese fashion magazines Warp, Street Jack and Huge ($15). We get new issues every month and they're almost impossible to get in North America without digging hard.

Hidden Gems

This week we've got a combination of just-arrived holiday items and some slept on fall pieces. Let's get to it:

First up is the brand-new Sand Plaid ($80). Following up our excellent fall flannels, the cuts are spot-on and the colour combinations aren't found anywhere else. This, a hoody and a vest and you're good to go.

From our Stussy Deluxe line come these simple pocket tees ($50). Incredibly soft and comfortable, these are great for layering, adding some colour to your drab fall wardrobe or for saving until summer and popping a tag then.

The 'Link' series has quite a few pieces this holiday season and we feel like this one might get overlooked. A simple crewneck sweatshirt ($85) with the iconic link logo popping off on the front; does it get much better than that?

And finally, the Foil Warmer ($200). We got blasted with snow yesterday here in Toronto, so it's time to step your jacket game up. This is a perfect mid-range coat: warm and water-resistant without being bulky or ugly.

There you go guys, get on this stuff fast because we've only go so many.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This Saturday we will be releasing the Stussy X Brooks England Bicycle Saddle. This item is EXTREMELY limited, so if you're at all interested you should get there early.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hidden Gems

Hey Guys,

Here at the Toronto Chapter store we appreciate how overwhelmed you might be upon entering our location. We've decided that, instead of leaving you out in the cold, we're going to welcome you with open arms. This feature, which will be updated weekly'ish, allows us to share some pieces that might normally get overlooked, but you'll probably like a lot.

First up is the Foil Vest($185). This piece, which accompanies the matching jackets, is perfect for this in-between November weather. Couple this with a hoody or thermal and you're good to go.

Remember how I said thermal OR hoody? Forget that. Why settle for one when you can have BOTH? The Lifted Thermal Hoody($85), like the other thermals this season, has a cut and quality perfect for this weather, but unlike your typical thermal has zip-closure and a hood. This is basically a no-brainer.

On days when you absolutely need your arms covered, slip into this. The Mix-Up MA1 Jacket($225) sits right between luxury and functionality. Slim-fitting, water-resistant and plain-old-fresh, this is simply a great jacket.

I know what you're thinking: "What about my legs, guys?" Don't worry, we got you. From our Deluxe line, these slim fit, raw selvedge indigo denim($300) are classic and extremely high quality. These also come in a grey wash and have some very suble detailing.

There you have it, Hidden Gems Part 1. Now get over here, quick! These items aren't hidden anymore!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stussy Vancouver Chapter

Stussy welcomes Vancouver to the family with newest chapter store. Opening Saturday Nov 8th. West Coast stand up!!
Visit for the full story of this amazing build out.

Stussy X One Warm Coat

Please come out and support a great cause