Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hidden Gems

This week we've got a combination of just-arrived holiday items and some slept on fall pieces. Let's get to it:

First up is the brand-new Sand Plaid ($80). Following up our excellent fall flannels, the cuts are spot-on and the colour combinations aren't found anywhere else. This, a hoody and a vest and you're good to go.

From our Stussy Deluxe line come these simple pocket tees ($50). Incredibly soft and comfortable, these are great for layering, adding some colour to your drab fall wardrobe or for saving until summer and popping a tag then.

The 'Link' series has quite a few pieces this holiday season and we feel like this one might get overlooked. A simple crewneck sweatshirt ($85) with the iconic link logo popping off on the front; does it get much better than that?

And finally, the Foil Warmer ($200). We got blasted with snow yesterday here in Toronto, so it's time to step your jacket game up. This is a perfect mid-range coat: warm and water-resistant without being bulky or ugly.

There you go guys, get on this stuff fast because we've only go so many.

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