Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hidden Gems

Now that the snow has dropped in and is here to stay we decided to focus on some of our knits. Here are a few pieces to keep you warm this season:

The Hot Pepper Zip Hoody ($100, Assorted Colours) is a bit of a departure from the usual cotton pullover joint. It's 100% lambswool, so it will keep you nice and toasty, and it's a bit more grown-up. You can still put your hood up, but you can do it at Christmas dinner.

The Suit Cardigan ($95, Assorted Colours) takes the grownup thing one step further. The subtle, baseball-style striping differentiates this from your average cardigan and you can couple this with anything (including our Holiday tee) and it will elevate your look. Plus, like the last sweater, it's also 100% lambswool.

Finally, the Overload crew ($85, Assorted Colours) is a perfect basic sweater. Wear it to Grandma's house with a button-up underneath or to the club with the sleeves rolled. Versatility is the name of this shirt's game. Plus, if you picked up the Overload beanie last season, you can pick up a matching sweater.

Now keep warm, guys! Happy Holidays.

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